This is our lovely Australian Shepherd Dog, Olive. These dogs are known for their intelligence and resourcefulness, never more than when bacon is involved.  

It was a typical school day morning with all of us running around the house getting ready. Breakfast which included bacon was sitting out, on the kitchen counter under layers of paper towels. As I ran around the house finding shoes and water bottles for kids, It registered my furry escort was not attached to my side. Hmmm…that is unusual but no time to check it out, missing light up Thomas Train shoes were my current priority.

Grabbing the last few things before heading out the door, I notice my furry child licking her chops. “Oh good, someone fed her without being asked,” was my initial thought. As I made my way to my travel mug, I reached under the first layer of paper towels for a piece of bacon. Nothing. I picked up the second layer. Nothing!  As I go through each sheet of paper towel my disbeliefs grows. I couldn’t believe my kids didn’t leave me one piece of bacon. After a few inquiries, I realize no one enjoyed any bacon that morning except the sneaky bacon bandit of a dog named Olive.

Not only did she get every last piece but managed to do so without disturbing the layers of paper towels.  It was quite a feat; I had to say on the one hand I was impressed and the other hand filled with anger-fueled hunger! This explains why she had a rather big smile on her face.

Moral of the story, be concerned when your Aussie Dog who normally doesn’t leave your side, suddenly decides she is going to stay near the kitchen.