Your Vote, Your Choice

What is up with this “electability” question? Is anyone else getting annoyed with this ridiculous question that lacks substantive qualifiers? Let’s not forget if it weren’t for the grassroots efforts for Barack Obama, he would have never been elected. The media had deemed him “unelectable” back in 2008.

I am tired of the media who need to fill a 24/7 news cycle starting these ridiculous notions of “electability” against Trump. It robs us of the opportunity to hear from every candidate and attempts to take decision making out of our hands. It means they don’t have to cover as many candidates or issues. It is an attempt to be a “King Maker,” and no one should buy into it.

When I first heard it, I rolled my eyes. I dismissed it as a stupid thing for a pundit to say. Then it took off on twitter, magazines, bloggers, and finally, people who I know to be smart, independent thinkers are repeating “electability” like a mantra.

An empty phrase that should be an opening statement to a much larger substantive conversation is determining the Democratic Presidential Candidate. Yet, when I ask people what does “electable” means to them, I hear, “Someone who can beat Donald Trump.” I ask a follow-up, “Who is that person? What does that person say or do that makes them “electable?” I get shrugs, poll number quotes, but mostly “I don’t know.” If the electorate can’t define that elusive “electable” question, then why are we judging candidates in this manner? Why are we abandoning our independent thinking for a media controlled narrative?

To be clear, when I speak of the “Media,” I am referencing a few network employees, aka the gatekeepers, aka News Directors, and maybe a Vice President of the network. Despite titles, it boils down to a few men deciding what we see, hear, and think about the candidates. Remember, the media is supposed to be reporting on the voting trends of the public, not the other way around.

The “electability” question also inflates Trump in our mind as an unbeatable opponent. It raises him to mythical proportions. Trump puts our country in danger every day by lying about election security, health scares, and the general safety of our nation.

Trump, who has brought back racism, hatred, and discrimination to a new level, is a concern to beat? He doesn’t believe in continuity of the Presidency but only of himself. Everything Trump does goes against what the United States and its people’s values. His Presidency is a blight on all the work and progress of past Presidents. The Media should be reporting on the foreign involvement threats to our election process. It should be raising awareness of the risks we face during this election and how to spot it. Our last bastion in truth-telling is our reporters and their medium (network, newspaper, or magazine) their investigative reports on this topic would better serve the people instead of fear-mongering about a bloated egocentric embarrassment of a President.

We only need to look as far as the Iowa Caucus to see how much the media controls the narrative. Networks, for some unknown crazy reason, decided to put live coverage on Iowa. It makes no rational sense but all the potential to go sideways. When it did, they squawked about it. They looked stupid for giving up massive amounts of prime time to a Caucus. A caucus whose progress merited an occasional update. In their frustration of the lackluster performance, networks overlooked what was important. People were talking to each other about why they believed in their candidate. Real people not pundits but actual voters. People were coming together in their communities trying to figure out who will do the best job representing them in the White House. Voters who cared about getting it right, not rushing for network deadlines or “electability” but actual discussion of candidates and their campaigns. The people were the story, but instead, the networks were angry. They wasted precious time with no results to report. They lost all perspective, in a somewhat perverse way, I find their tantrum splayed out for all to see a little funny.

Electability is who we, the people, decide, is electable. Basing it on only one criterion of beating Donald Trump is a disaster waiting to happen. Vote for who will be the best steward of our Constitution, our country’s beliefs, and our prosperity. It is the Primary season. Regardless of what the media says, listen for yourself to what each of the Democrat candidates has to say. Does their platform speak to you, does it sound genuine? Is there a track record to back it up? Define what is important to you and only you because it’s your vote. Then actively find the candidate who aligns with your criteria.

It is the Primary season. Regardless of what the media says, listen for yourself to what each of the Democrat candidates has to say. Does their platform speak to you? Does it sound genuine? Is there a track record to back it up? Define what is important to you, and only you because it’s your vote. Then actively find the candidate who aligns with your criteria.

While you are thinking about your wants and needs of a candidate, also remeber the responsibilities of the President. He/She is the face of our nation, the person who puts forth our country’s ideals to the world. The job of the President is to mainly work on foreign affairs, while doing the broad strokes of domestic policy. We need to think beyond the election and who is capable of repairing our relationships with Allies. Who respects our armed forces as well as our intelligence agencies. The big egos that suffocate everyone in the room have proven useless for the country. We need a true leader who knows how to bring people together. Who is not just a citizen of our country but realizes we are world citizens as well.

It is so easy to get caught up in what the pundits especially as the field narrows. However, you have a right to hear about all candidates, and each deserves an honest look at their abilities. Unfortunately, the media tends to pick their favorites who benefit from positive spins while and the unfavored are subjected to negative spin or no attention.

To combat this, I have linked the leading candidate’s websites. Read what they care about, not just the resume, but the issues and plans they are hoping to implement. 

Considering many of these candidates are Senators here is a neutral place to do some research on their voting record, sponsored bills, and interests: 

As we go into Super Tuesday, I hope you vote with your mind and heart for someone you believe in and whose beliefs/values you can proudly get behind. Remember, your vote is your choice and yours alone.

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