I want to know why there is not a warning given to people when an AARP card shows up in your mailbox! At a minimum, the Jaws theme music should be wafting out of your mailbox in warning that some organization has tracked you and determined you are old enough to be considered a senior citizen! 

The 50th birthday was not one I have completely come terms with; I think I am little in shock about it. I have no opinion one way or the other about the age more just the idea I have reached this age. I was the youngest of the family; everyone else is supposed to be this old, not me. There were days this summer I forgot for a little while until that card appeared on my doorstep. There emblazoned in plastic with raised gold letters is my name. The card even looks old couldn’t they at least make it look cooler. Its nothing like the new credit cards that use a heavy metal with printed letters that don’t wear off. There isn’t even a chip in it; although I should be grateful, it would probably call 911 if I fell.

Yes, I am a half-century. Dang, a half-century! Yet, I feel young with so much I still need to accomplish. How does one feel young and spry with a card that gets you a discount on the 5:00 movie? The time flies by, especially if you have kids. One day your complaining about being sleep deprived with a newborn and the next they are college-bound. Somehow when you go back to pick up your life, your back hurts, and there is a little more around the middle than you remember being there. If that is not enough to make you realize you are older, there is AARP, ready to remind you of your mid-century milestone.

Perhaps as the days go by, I might start to make my way to their website as they are a strong lobby for Seniors with some membership benefits. However, I am just not sure I want to know what those benefits are and that they now pertain to me. I wish they could make being a “Senior Citizen” look cool, not old. I would be a little more interested in what they offered. For example, giving a significant discount on a Porsche Boxster in the new red might be a good start.