When I started this blog I had hoped to write about light-hearted fun life tidbits we can all relate to and have a laugh. I thought it would be a nice counter to the negativity dominating our news cycles as Trump took power.

However, as someone who likes to keep up with current events, I found it more and more challenging to find interesting light-hearted things to write about. I was depressed, with bolts of inspiration becoming farther in between. I held off, nervous about expressing views for all the public to see and criticize. Worried about being seen as only a political blog when life still presents its humor in children and Australian Shepherds. Yet, as my need to write about these things becomes stronger so does the realization that my blog isn’t teeming with readers, so I think I am safe.

Ranting alone in the blogosphere

Of late, I do go off on my twitter account (under a different pseudo name, of course) but I am feeling 280 characters is getting too restrictive. I am craving the opportunity to have a voice, to discuss things, to highlight statements and thinking we have always just passed over without a second thought. I want to talk about how crazy it is that we are repeating the lesson of history. My utter annoyance at the lack of knowledge we, as a country, have of our constitution. The powers of the Legislative branch and Executive branches either being abused or not used at all. I am especially perplexed by it as I listen to young people express utter ignorance of how our government works. I fear our greatest threat is complacent ignorance. Repeating information based on if it makes sense to us or the person who wrote it, not if it is correct. It is just easier to hit share or retweet than actually research if the information is correct. Can I just take this moment to say how much I appreciate it when someone puts a little thought into a comment before sending it? I at least then know why you felt this was important to share.

Anyways I digress, the point is for the handful of followers who have hung with me, I am not changing things, more just adding to it. My focus is finally starting to sharpen, life is happening some of it makes me laugh, and some, makes the mother in me weep. While a big part is waking either an inner advocate or a potential government teacher. ….or maybe a cranky old lady just needing to write.