After many years of hesitating about having a third child, we finally had our third son, and now when I look around my table at dinner, I feel it is complete. When he was so little, and I was sleep deprived I felt like I had all kinds of time to show him the butterfly winter refuge, the aquarium, finding bugs in the yard and read stories to him under the tree. As he went to pre-school and life interfered I still thought I have a little more time, I am good!

Then one-day last fall I realized I had miscalculated school deadlines with his birthday. After this year there would be no 4 day pre-school, my baby would be going to Kindergarten next fall. Where the heck did the time go? I remember with my older two boys I was looking forward to Kindergarten as it was the next step for both of us but this one, I know all too well how fast time goes and I wanted to savor it more. I ended 2017 feeling like I had wasted time.

I decided to do something different for 2018 to enjoy my last fleeting moments of this precious pre-school age where birthday crowns mean everything.  It is my goal to make more time to create more care-free moments and capture more of those smiles and giggles on camera. Moments of playing on the bed on Saturday morning, his joy of helping out and the funny things he says. (He will be ” turning forties” yes plural, on his half birthday.)

To keep me on track I am going to post here every so often and if you have family moments (furbabies included) you want to capture more of, then please comment with a link to your post of family fun. Perhaps we can all inspire each other, so when we get to the end of the year, our family pictures are not just birthdays and holidays but more of the everyday moments that make up life.