We are currently hosting the worst, uninvited guests ever to be known, The Squirrels! About five of them have taken up residence in our Birch Tree. These guys are the worst, they fight among each other all the time, dig up our yard, wake us and the birds up before sunrise with their chattering; they even have the nerve to pelt our dog with walnut shells when she tells them to leave!

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The worst part is the burying of their treasure aka nuts for winter. Not only does this activity disrupt the other plants in the yard but they snack on freshly planted bulbs,  bird feeders, and oranges in the winter as they work!  Did I mention they are the worst at keeping track of their “treasure”?

It never fails we always end up with 2-3 walnut tree shoots coming up in our yard. Getting rid of these shoots is not as simple as a good tug to get them out. Nooooo! These uninvited furry guests hide the walnuts under shrubs or behind large bushes (no wonder they can’t find them), so we do not see the shoots till they are tall with a developed root system! One could almost make a case for calling a tree removal service! Darn, you Squirrels with your bad memories!

We have tried to get rid of this squirrel family, but it makes it a little hard when there are those in the neighborhood who “love them,” (probably because they don’t take up residence in their yard! ) and feed them! AAARRGGH!

shutterstock_50289559It leaves me wondering all kinds of fantastical thoughts such as if I made them a map would they follow it? What about if I followed them and made “x’s” on all the hiding places? How about a note about how their walnuts are disrupting our yard? Do you think if I asked the raccoons they could translate it to “squirrel” for me? Does anyone know Racoon-ese?
Untitled design-16I have heard the Garden Nomes could help, but my garden is not worthy of their protection at the moment.  I will need to work on that, until then if someone knows a garden fairy who could be an intermediary for me, please share their info in comments!  I will be out back mapping the nuts!