I swear our Aussie Dog is a toddler trapped in a dog suit. She despises my devices especially the laptop. I think she is genuinely offended that the lid of the computer blocks her view of me. To rectify this problem, she will use her paw to push the lid a little closed then stares at me. At first, I thought she did it by chance, so I gave her a quizzical look that she returns with an innocent look.  Lid pushed back up, I start back on my email when I hear a whine followed by the sound of a paw slapping the computer, this time the lid goes further down.   Ok, she might have intentional thought behind this not just an accident. I again right the lid. This action is met with a low bark at which time both paws push the lid down so fast I barely have time to remove my fingers. Then sitting with both paws on my laptop, she barks at me as if to say “Don’t ignore me!”  I give her a few minutes of attention, but I am part way through an email I need to get out.

This dog is not a one-trick-dog!

Undeterred she deploys a covert cord removal operation. Giving a false impression she is stopping, she lays on my feet with her head perfectly placed just beneath the computer connection for the charger.  Waits till I am engrossed in email then with a flick of her head quietly dislodges the cord.  Sneaky dog! We play this game a couple of times until she is thoroughly fed up with me. Whereupon she will get up move to the other side of the couch near the wall and lay down with a huff, using her weight and just enough force to pull the cord out of the wall socket.  Now, with her back to me, she then turns her head to me and waits for me to look at her.  I think if she could stick her tongue out and do a “raspberry” she would. Instead, she settles with that teenager innocent look of “What?”   Like I am not on to her antics and her unique knowledge of physics!

Olive with rope2

I can’t be too upset as like any toddler who needs attention, she is simply trying to get her needs met.  Although, one has to marvel at the manner and abilities to garner such attention.

I love my Aussie Dog, she is so loyal and loving, but geez, if she feels she has not had enough attention, watch out! There is no coincidence with these dogs, they know exactly what they are doing!  Never underestimate the power of an Aussie Dog!