I am a coffee drinker. I love it in all its varied forms of latte, expresso or just a good ‘ole  “Cup of Joe.”  I find as I am advancing in age, my friends are “getting healthy, ” and as such, they are getting into Tea.  I am one of the last holdouts; there is something about tea that is just not as satisfying to me as coffee. I just don’t feel more grounded or rejuvenated with a cup of tea; the zen experience eludes me.

Hence the idea of going to an organic tea shop with a friend was not my first choice, let alone when it is a little tea bar within a yoga place. Not that I don’t like the idea of yoga, the pants are great! It is the lifestyle I aspire to yet it still feels unattainable.  While I felt it was cheating to have tea without taking a class, the place had an air of acceptance. I went with it and made an expensive compromise, a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso; I would soon be regretting. I put on a good face and continued to sip like a person who can’t look away from an accident. It had remnants of what I was sure was dirt leftover from the “organic” spices.  I was seriously starting to question if I misunderstood their definition of a “dirty chai.”


We moved to comfortable chairs in a group “conversation” configuration, sipping on my “liquid dirt,” trying to acclimate to the openness of our surroundings for a private conversation.  I was getting ready to ask my questions about a dental referral and thoughts on a place for a Mom’s Weekend when a woman from the last class joined our conversation. It was a bit of a jolt but I went with it.

She was incredibly fit and looked 20 years younger than her 70+ years she claimed to be. She talked about being mentally ready to get into health. She called herself a “late bloomer”  since she was in her late 40’s when she started yoga, then became a yoga teacher. Along with a new found love of competitive skiing, rock climbing and hiking. If ever there was a universal message of getting healthy I was sitting across from it.  She then shared about a retreat she would be teaching classes which seemed checked all the boxes for my Mom’s Weekend. Then, as if the universe had bestowed its messages, she left just as quickly as she appeared.  shutterstock_652018663

A young mom had joined in our previous conversation and as the three of us continued to chat about various things, I once again mentally reminded myself to ask my friend for the dental referral.  The three of us continued to talk about art, dogs and being moms until we had to go.  Just as we said our goodbyes, out of the blue, this woman shared about her dental issues and her fantastic dental specialist. I had my referral.

My friend and I left feeling we had just had this fantastic experience. In a matter of a couple of hours, I had many answers to fears and questions. It was one of those rare times; I felt people were deliberately placed in my path. Maybe there is something to this tea thing. Did I just have a serendipitous “Zen” moment?

Hmmm…. something to contemplate as I finish my coffee.