“I am very busy, my time is valuable!”

How many of you have heard this phrase? Lately, I have heard it often enough, my eyes spontaneously roll. It sounds like Chicken Little running around saying “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” only it’s “I am busy! I am busy!”

I often find myself wondering; did these “busy” people make a cosmic deal? Is there some commodity market that sells time?  Is their time made up of precious metals and stones where mine is just dirt and sticks?

While we are on that, have you ever notice what these “super busy” people with their  “valuable time” do make time for? They have time to un-solicitously share their to-do list! Why is that?  Why are you wasting your precious time telling me your to-do list?  If these Peacocks fan out their to-dos am I suppose to OOOH and AWWW? Have you noticed they rarely ask you about your to-do list? Your schedule? How about the fact 5 minutes of my time was just wasted?

You know whose time is precious? Someone battling a life-threatening disease. Someone who knows their time is up sooner than later. Yet, oddly enough, these are the last people to say “My time is valuable!”

Let’s be honest, what these “Time Peacocks” are actually saying is “I have no idea how to manage the chaos I have created in my life.” As often the case, after these Peacocks display their task list, they end up with the easiest job or are completely absolved of any work! The crazy thing, we all empathize saying “Oh he/she is too busy.”  Know why we can all empathize? We are busy too! We just don’t have the time to verbalize it!

Life’s biggest mind game is we have a finite amount of time, but we have no idea when or how it will end. Which makes everyone’s time valuable. Let me say that again, everyone’s time is valuable!!! One would think that is a given, right? Perhaps I need to step back and look at the bigger lesson here, maybe I encounter these “Time Peacocks” when I need reminders to appreciate the value of my own time.

……..of course, that doesn’t take away the feeling of wanting to pluck one of them from time to time.