…When her perfect posture and sweet expression isn’t working to get a taste of your dinner, she uses her “outside” bark to demand it!

…When everyone is winding down for the evening watching a little TV, she starts “talking” at just that crucial moment, until she gets her bowl of ice.

…When she starts barking to make room for her on the couch, next to Mom!

…When the spot is not given up, will go to the door act like she wants out to go out, makes someone get up then steals their place!

…When she does a “drive by” cookie snatch out of your hand.

…When she is hot, laying on the vent staring at the thermostat, then barks at you, looks back at the thermostat, til you get the message┬áto turn on the air conditioner!

…When she keeps barking at you to continue to scratch her belly, back or any spot.

…When she uses her paw to shut your laptop because she doesn’t like you on it.

…When she pops up using two paws to slam your laptop closed because you still have not stopped!

…When she pulls the cord out of the laptop because the laptop slamming didn’t work!


More to come